HSW 86: Quitting Work to Travel for 14 Months with Mike and Alison Bareham

They’re back!  Mike and Alison Bareham (whom I interviewed back in episode 60) just before they were about to head off on their adventure around Australia and the World, are back from their whirlwind trip!

Mike and Alison, who are based in Nerang in Queensland Australia, actually did what so many of us think about and dream about (especially after a string of crappy shifts) – that being throwing in their jobs to go travelling.

Tune in to hear how their trip went including:

-Why they decided to go travelling in the first place
-The total number of flights undertaken, and countries visited
-How their little motorhome got the name ‘Lucy!’
-Some of their most favourite places and memorable moments including a 46-hour train ride through India!
-Their weekly budget, and did they stick to it?
-What it’s like to be back home
-Why they would recommend doing this before retirement – even if you still have a mortgage.

HSW 60: Throwing In Your Jobs To Go Travelling with Alison and Mike Bareham

Now we’ve all thought about.  We’ve all dreamed about it – particularly after a crappy shift at work.  But what makes someone actually go ahead and quit their jobs, as opposed to following the more “sensible route” of staying on the go-to-work, come-home-from work, go-to-work again treadmill.

Well in this episode, you’re going to hear from two people who have done just that.  After working some pretty crazy and long hours at the recent Commonwealth Games here on the Gold Coast, Alison and Mike Bareham from Nerang in Queensland, have thrown in their jobs to travel around Australia (and the world) at the tender ages of 50 something.

In this podcast you will learn:

-The catalyst that inspired them to not wait “until retirement”
-Why having a mortgage didn’t stop them from following their dream
-Why working hard to accrue a lot of “stuff” doesn’t actually being us happiness

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To follow Alison and Mike’s journey around the world, follow their social media pages at:
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