Sleep Nutrition:

The Most Important Dietary Advice For Shift Workers

Sleep.  If you’ve ever worked shift work before, then you’d be very much aware that this type of nourishment is the “food” that we crave the most, however often eludes many who work 24/7.

This can lead to poor dietary choices, as we fall into the trap of feeling “too tired” to eat well.

However this can be a bit of a Catch-22.

This is because not only can disrupted sleep affect your nutritional intake, but if you eat poorly it can also affect your sleep.

A bit of a double edged sword for anyone working 24/7.

Now given shift workers get on average 2-3 hours less sleep than our 9-5 counterparts (staggering when you compound this over weeks, months and years), sleep nutrition really needs to be given the utmost priority when working in an occupation that requires you to run on limited sleep.