Fatigue – Why Your Alarm Clock Is To Blame!

If you suffer from fatigue then you’re certainly not alone. In fact fatigue is actually the Number 1 complaint Doctor’s receive from their patients.

Interestingly enough though, for most people it’s not the amount of sleep that is lacking, but rather it’s the lack of quality sleep.

You see it’s all got to do with your sleep cycles or Circadian Rhythm..

In order for you to overcome fatigue, it is absolutely essential that you wake up at the end of the sleep cycle. If you wake up in the middle of a cycle – thanks to your blaring alarm clock, you will feel tired not only in the morning, but throughout the entire day.

And despite what you may think, your brain is actually very active during the night because it goes through a number of different processes so that you can function properly the next day. .

So if you wake up somewhere in the middle of this cycle (aka shift workers), you’ve pretty much interrupted your brain so you’re going to end up feeling tired, irritated, and have trouble concentrating!

Sounding familiar?

Now in the perfect world you would not be disturbed by a blaring alarm clock. Hmmmm …. a world without an alarm clock? How serene!!

And as a result, you would never wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle because your brain is programmed to finish each cycle before waking you up.
So back in cave man times when there was no such thing as an alarm clock – tiredness and chronic fatigue was virtually non existent! It has only reached massive proportions since the invention of the alarm clock. Argh … who was that crazy person who invented it anyway??!!
So throw away your alarm clock and let the sights and sounds of nature wake you up … chirping birds, sunlight falling on your face …
Yeah right!

Do You Have A Back Up Alarm Clock?

Over the years I have occasionaly slept in and have been late to work. Given the crazy hours that we work the chances of that happening are pretty high.

So when my alarm clock went off this morning I was certainly very grateful that I had my ‘back up’ alarm clock set.

Well by back up alarm clock wasn’t “set” per se, because it’s actually my cat ‘Misty’.

When I felt a furry paw touch my nose this morning I certainly knew that it was time to get up.

So when I stumbled across this video today (not the best picture quality but it will give you a good laugh) – I thought the similarities were incredibly uncanny. Thankfully my cat Misty has a much softer approach than this cat!
Cat Alarm ClockThe best video clips are right here

Your Alarm Clock!

I stumbled across this photo today and thought it was very appropriate – a lady with a hammer on her pillow ready to smash her alarm clock!

If only that was practical … unfortunately it just means that you’re going to have to go out and buy yourself another alarm clock …

Great idea though!