HSW 17: Healthy Vending Machines in the Workplace with Daniella Stalling.

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all real food logo2Healthy Shift Worker Podcast Episode 17:

Vending machines can often be a shift worker’s “saving grace” when it comes to finding something to eat whilst on shift, however they are also synonymous for containing highly processed, pre-packaged foods loaded with heaps of hidden sugars and trans-fats, along with having next to no nutritional value.

So when I witnessed the installation of the All Real Food Self-Service Café on my University campus, I knew I just had to have a chat with the owner! In this episode you will hear from Daniella Stalling, the co-founder of the All Real Food vending machines which offer a vast array of different menu options made from fresh, organic produce – and are popping up in workplaces all around Brisbane.

For more information on these fantastic vending machines – just visit




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