HSW 112 – The Lost Wisdom of Heliotherapy with Zaid Dahhaj

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Did you know sunlight therapy, also referred to as heliotherapy, was used in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by dermatologists and ophthalmologists as a therapy to heal many conditions?

In fact, the healing properties of sunlight was even embraced in hospital settings as patients were moved outside in the sun, in lieu of being left indoors under artificial light.

Hard to imagine here in Australia (and in many countries around the world), as sun is often demonised as the number one cause of skin cancer.  But could the experts have it wrong?

In this episode I talk with Zaid Dahhaj, a men’s health coach based in Southern California that has extensive knowledge on circadian biology, share research that totally debunks this theory, and how sensible sun exposure is actually essential in order to prevent the majority of chronic diseases that we see today.

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