HSW 110 – Time Restricted Eating For Shift Workers with Dr Emily Manoogian

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In this podcast we talk to Dr Emily Manoogian, a postdoctoral researcher and chronobiologist from the Salk Institute in San Diego, California, as she shares research on how time restricted eating (TRE) improved the health of firefighters.

Results from this randomised controlled trial, titled The Healthy Hero’s Study, is the first of it’s kind as it involved real-life shift workers in their workplace setting as opposed to being a laboratory.

In this interview we discuss:

– Why shift workers are normally excluded from research studies
– The time-frame and schedule of the time-restricted eating?
– Did participants get hungry whilst fasting during the night?
– Did cardiometabolic health parameters improve?
– Why eating at night isn’t optimal
– When is the ideal time to eat on early shift
– Why it’s best to avoid the donuts whilst on shift!

To read The Healthy Hero’s study in full;
The circadian clock App – https://mycircadianclock.org/

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