HSW 109 – Improving Sleep For Shift Workers with Alexandra Shriane

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In this episode we’re talking with Sleep Researcher and PhD candidate Alexandra Shriane from the Appleton Institute at Central Queensland University on her latest research titled – ‘Healthy sleep practices for shift workers:  consensus sleep hygiene guidelines using a Delphi methodology’.

As a former Paramedic from the QLD Ambulance Service, Alexandra brings a personal background of shift work to her research which makes for a refreshing conversation!

Published in the journal, SLEEP, her research incorporates 18-clear guidelines to ensure healthy sleep patterns for shift workers – whether on permanent night shift or a rotating roster.

In this interview we discuss:

– The missing gap in sleep research specifically for shift workers.
– What is sleep hygiene and what does it entail?
– The ideal nap duration to enhance alertness or assist with sleep debt recovery.
– How medications and food timing can impact sleep quality and much, much more!

To read Alexandra’s research including a full list of the 18-guidelines https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/37429599/

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