HSW 107 – Cautionary Insights For Shift Workers with Dr Keshav Grover

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Healthy Shift Worker Podcast - Episode 107 feature image - Cautionary Insights for Shift Workers with Dr Keshav Grover

Shift work is tough, incredibly tough.  It’s why those that work outside the traditional 9-5 model are prone to developing chronic health conditions.

In this episode, Dr Keshav Grover shares his personal story of working a variety of shifts in a high-stress hospital environment and how this stress has become “normalised”, which ultimately led to the burnout of both himself and his fellow shift working family members.

Topics discussed include stress, medical errors, patient care and ratios, nutrition in the hospital setting, how your job can take its toll and so much more.

To conclude the podcast, he shares 3 phenomenal tips on how to minimise burnout whatever your shift working profession.

If you are a healthcare or frontline worker this is a MUST LISTEN.

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