Your Shift Work Bed. Why You Don't Have To Make It As Soon As You Get Up!

As kids growing up, most of us are taught to make our beds the moment we get up. And this is a good thing yes?

Well actually – no.

You see you really shouldn’t make your bed as soon as you get up, because dust mites thrive in warm and damp environments and by making your bed – you’re giving them exactly what they need to have a party and multiply.

Now if you’ve ever eaten food in bed and left bread crumbs on your sheets, then you know it’s not fun sleeping on itchy sheets. So add in some microscopic critters (aka Bed Bugs) – and you’re not going to get a very good night’s sleep at all.

You should simply follow the golden rule of – Leaving Your Bed Uncovered.

Now I can hear you saying “What the?”

Well by leaving your bed uncovered and letting in lots of fresh air and sunshine into your bedroom, the number of dust mites in your bed will rapidly decrease.

Now for most people, this is going to be hard to do – except for those lazy people out there who don’t make their beds at all … and you know who you are!!

So what this means for you is that you’re going to have to resist the urge to make your bed look perfect the moment you get out of bed. Obviously if you’re a super clean and neat person this is going to be hard for you to do.

But hang in there. Give your bed a chance to breathe and get some fresh air and you will sleep so much more soundly as a result.

Not only will your bed feel so much better when you jump back into it, but it will also help reduce any allergies and asthma as well.

So don’t feel guilty about not making your bed as soon as you get up – you’re actually doing it a favour which is ultimately going to help you get a much better night’s sleep anyway … which is great news when you work shift work!