Ever Have Fights With Your Running Shoes?

If you’re like me then you probably have fights with your running shoes all of the time.
Perhaps your conversation goes something like this … “No! I just don’t want to go!!” or “Leave me alone … I don’t feel like taking you out for a walk today!” or heaven for bid … a run? Yikes!!??
Well I’ve figured a way to help stop all of the fighting so that both you and your running shoes remain happy.
You see, just like you – your shoes need exercise. It’s important that you take good care of them and help them do what they’re designed to do – and that’s to get some exercise. Now that includes giving them a good warm up stretch, as well as a good work out around the park or on your treadmill. .

So to reduce any fights with my shoes – or blatently ignoring them … I set myself up a little “Exercise Pack” the night before (see photo above) so that it’s the first thing that I look at in the morning. Yep, I put my running shoes (well I must admit mine only walk) – but along with a t-shirt, shorts, hat and i-pod it’s all there ready and waiting to go.

So now I have no excuse for neglecting my running shoes and not taking them out for a walk PLUS – it stops any fighting!! After all – I did pluck these shoes off the shelf at the department store so I have a personal responsibility to look after them.

So how about your running shoes? Are you forever having fights with them? Are they being neglected in your closet and gathering dust?

Well it’s time to dig them out of your closet and give them some exercise – after all, you will both benefit from it!