Chia, Macadamia and Raspberry Breakfast:

My All Time Favourite Recipe That Can Even Help With Weight Loss!

raspberriesRighteo – so it’s taken me over a month to finally post my favourite, all time breakfast recipe which I’ve been meaning to do, but became completely bogged down in a project which I’m about to launch shortly.  In fact if everything goes to plan, my new ‘project’ should be launching in just over a week, so watch this space … or should I say blog!

Now back to our breakfast.

As a shift worker are you a slave to the cardboard box breakfast?  Do you genuinely enjoy the taste of these sugar laden, nutrient starved “foods” which come out of these boxes?

I’m going to take a punt and assume your answer is a genuine “no”, but the good news is that I may just have the answer to your flavourless shift working breakfast woes.

This chia, macadamia nut and raspberry breakfast-in-a-jar-full-of-goodness is not only going to leave you feeling full, energised and ready to take on whatever challenges your shift decides to throw at you, but thanks to one particular ingredient, it can even help with weight loss! 

Any idea what the secret ingredient is?

You guessed it – the raspberry.

You might be thinking how on earth can such a tiny little red thing help with weight loss!  Well new research is starting to reveal that raspberries have the potential to improve the management of obesity.

Sound a little strange?  Well in addition to being anti-infammatory, raspberries contain a phytonutrient called rheosmin which helps to increase enzyme activity, along with oxygen consumption and heat production in certain types of fat cells, which may be able to help reduce the risk of obesity as well as fatty liver *. (more…)