Nana Naps – Why You Shouldn’t Take Them!

Are you a shift worker or somebody that suffers from fatigue, and you absolutely love your nana naps? Do you dream about sinking into your comfy sofa when you set foot in the door after a hard days work?

Then you’re certainly not alone! Fatigue is a really hard thing to overcome – particularly if you’re a shift worker. I certainly don’t need to tell you that getting up in the dark, and going to bed during the day is normal.

Now back to the nana naps. If you’re a ‘Serial Nana Napper’ then don’t be alarmed – it’s actually not a bad thing, but if you come home after an early shift and you sleep for more than an hour, then you’re going to end up feeling worse.

You see I’m certainly not knocking a good nana nap. In fact I’m all for a good nana nap – so long as it’s no longer than 20 minutes.

“Just 20 minutes?” – I hear you say. Why only 20 minutes? Well if you nap any longer, then you will fall into a deeper sleep which means when you do wake up, you end up feeling flat and disorientated, and a lot worse than you did before you took the nana nap.

Another downside to a long nana nap is that you will struggle to have a good night’s sleep that night so you end up on a roller coaster ride of constant fatigue – not good!

So find a comfy spot in your house, whether it’s your bed or a sofa – then set your alarm for 20 minutes to rest those weary bones. Initially when that alarm clock goes off you will feel like throwing it out the window but rest assured (pardon the pun!), when you do get up you will be feeling much more refreshed and invigorated to tackle the rest of the day.

After all, you don’t want to be sleeping your life away. Life is far too short to be doing that!!

P.S. – Don’t be like this frog and stuff yourself silly with a big lunch … and then go and lie down for a nana nap. Not only will wake up with a gut ache, but you will look and feel like a stuffed pig – or in this case, a stuffed frog!

P.S.S – Alright, Christmas Day doesn’t count!!