The Healthiest Snacks of Them All!

I’ve just got back from doing my grocery shopping and I’ve got to tell you – I’m very excited!
Hmmm… you’re probably thinking I’m a bit weird.

Well maybe a little, but it’s because my fridge is now bursting with vibrant colour from all of my fresh produce.

Nature has provided us with the healthiest and tastiest snacks of them all – as you can see right here from my overflowing fruit bowl.

Inside that bowl I have plums, peaches, bananas (kinda obvious that one), pears, apples, lemons (great to add to ice cold water for some extra zing), apricots, and my all-time favourite summer time fruit – mangoes!

And don’t forget you can add any of these fruits to create a delicous smoothie (… well maybe not the lemon), as it is a great way to fill you up and keep you going until dinner time.

So forget about reaching for chips, chocolate or biscuits when you’re in need of a snack – they will only zap your energy and leave you feeling like a deflated balloon!

Eat what natured intended us to eat and you’ll be fighting off fatigue and sickness in next to no time.