Shift Work Struggle – How To Curb Those Bad Eating Habits.

I don’t need to tell you that there are many struggles when it comes to working shift work. In fact there are so many struggles that I even decided to write a book about it.

But let’s talk about how to curb those bad eating habits.

Shift workers are notorious for eating badly. We tend to come up with every excuse under the sun to justify our junk food and caffeine addiction.

So what can you do to change this?

By simply making the decision to change – and sticking to it!

It never ceases to amaze me how we often neglect our bodies by filling them up with toxic, unhealthy food. Yet at the same time we would never fill our cars up with toxic, contaminated fuel.

There is absolutely no difference between our body and our car.

Actually let me rephrase that. There is a difference. A BIG difference.

Your car will give you warning signs when it is not feeling well like stalling, breaking down or failing to start. But your body is different. The warning signs will come, but not straight away because our bodies are incredibly resilient. They will tolerate a lot of junk food, alcohol and excessive rich food for quite awhile before eventually sending you those warning signals. For example shortness of breath, high cholesterol, weight gain, sleepless nights – to name just a few.

So if you’re serious about wanting to curb those bad eating habits you have to recognise that the more junk food you eat – the more your body will crave this food.

You have to break the junk food cycle because once you begin to eat more nutrient dense, high quality food it will begin to crave more of this food – and then reject the junk food.

Breaking the ‘Bad Eating Cycle’ is the KEY to curbing those bad eating habits.

So when contemplating your next shift work struggle, focus on eating healthy, nutritious food as opposed to processed, fatty and sugary foods.

As world renowned medico of Nutritional Medicine Dr Greg Emerson would say:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Or quite simply – take 100% responsibility for the food that you put in your mouth and those very bad eating habits. At the end of the day, the only person that can do this is you.

Attention All Shift Workers – Have You Had Any Fast Food Lately?

Now let’s be honest here, when was the last time that you had a fast food meal at work? Because the reality for most shift workers is that it forms a huge part of their diet every single day, which is pretty scary stuff.

Like millions of other people around the world, shift workers form part of the growing legions of fans who flock to the ‘Fast Food Fan Club’ because that’s exactly what they are – fast!

And ‘fast’ they might be, but they certainly lose credibility when it comes to being healthy.

You see most people eat fast food because they’re suffering from constant fatigue and tiredness, and are basically too tired to cook. But when you actually eat fast food, it ends up making you even more tired so you are on this constant treadmill of feeling tired and exhausted.

Sounding familiar?

Well let me share some facts with you that might scare you off eating so much fast food.

1. $120+ billion is spent every year on fast food today, compared to $6 billion in 1970.

2. 30% of children’s meals consist of fast food.

3. Large portions, value meals, and super sizing create serving sizes that are double and triple the recommended daily allowance.

4. Every time you eat fast food, you significantly increase your carbohydrate and fat intake as well as the calories that you eat.

So how does one get off the ‘fast food treadmill’?

By getting more organized. Plan your meals ahead of time so that you know what you’re going to have to eat for the entire week, that way there’s no “what am I going to have for dinner?” scenarios taking place.

Make the transition gradually by switching just one fast food meal per week into a more healthier alternative.

On days when you do eat fast food, ask for the smaller size.

Never super size your meal! The price and value may be tempting, but it’s your health that ends up paying the greatest price.

Pack your healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner (depending on your shifts) the night before, that way your meal is already planned and there will be no reason for you to go anywhere near a fast food outlet.

So start getting organised and plan your healthy meals in advance. If you’re serious about wanting to improve your health and beat fatigue whilst working shift work – then you need to give fast food the flick.

Fast food may save you minutes in your day, but it’s taking years off your life!

Interestingly enough, most fast food chains don’t advertise that on their “value” menu …