HSW 007: Stress, Anxiety and Depression with Clinical Psychologist Carrie Thomson-Casey

Businesswoman overload appointments and with little time

Healthy Shift Worker Podcast Episode 7:

Shift workers can certainly be prone to stress, anxiety and depression as a result of continual disruption to our sleep/wake cycle, eating at irregular times, lack of regular exercise, and a disruption to our social life.  This week Audra interviews Clinical Psychologist Carrie Thomson-Casey as she talks more about these disorders, the different types of health professionals who may be able to help, along with some simple tips and strategies to implement into your shift working life to help alleviate some of these challenges.

HSW 002: 12 Hour Shifts, Night Shifts and Working in the Mines with Christin Plint

Are you used to working 12 hour shifts including night shifts? What about being the only female on shift? This week Audra chats to Christin Plint about what it’s like to work in the male dominated mining industry, along with her two passions – travelling to obscure destinations and saving the orang-utans