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HSW 118 – Eye Health, Artificial Light and Quantum Biology with Dr Valerie Giangrande

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eye health

Did you know that our eyes are one of the MOST IMPORTANT circadian organs?  They literally influence our biology in a myriad of ways so we need to take super care of them – no matter our age!

In today’s podcast chat, it was a treat to have New York based Optometrist and Quantum Biology Practitioner Dr Valerie Giangrande talking all things eye health including artificial light exposure, vitamin D, quantum and circadian health and SO much more.

Some of the things discussed include:

  • How excessive artificial light, particularly blue light, can have negative effects on eye health and overall well-being.
  • Why natural sunlight is essential for regulating our circadian rhythm, hormone production, and mental health.
  • Why wearing sunglasses all the time, especially in the morning and during UVA rise, can disrupt the body’s natural hormone production.
  • How protecting the eyes from artificial light at night, such as using blue light blockers, can help mitigate the negative effects on sleep and hormone balance.

This episode is literally jam-packed with practical strategies to help support your most important circadian organ so it’s a MUST listen for every shift worker.

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