HSW 116 – Optimising Health Beyond Nutrition with Cameron Borg

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So enjoyed this chat with Nutritionist, Pulmonary Scientist, Podcaster and Health Coach Cameron Borg on why it’s important to look beyond nutrition when it comes to optimising our health. 

Cameron dives deep into some of the key drivers and their mechanisms as to why so many are struggling with chronic health diseases including:

  • Considering factors like light exposure and electromagnetic fields.
  • How the circadian rhythm, the body’s internal clock, plays a crucial role in health outcomes and why it should be prioritized.
  • Why grains and legumes are not inherently bad for the gut, and blaming gastrointestinal issues solely on these foods overlooks other important factors.
  • How our electromagnetic environment, including exposure to Wi-Fi signals, may have significant effects on health, including the pancreas and their islet cells.
  • How the absence of sunlight can lead to a broad array of health issues.
  • Why the lighting environment in hospitals needs to be addressed to improve patient health.

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