HSW 88 – Sleep and Yoga with Dr Carmel Harrington and Jennie Blevins

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When it comes to our health, there are many pillars, but none is more important than sleep – especially if you work 24/7!

So in today’s podcast, we’re talking with Dr Carmel Harrington who holds a PhD in Sleep Medicine from Sydney University, along with yoga instructor veteran Jennie Blevins on how a regular practice of yoga can be one of the best ways to foster better sleep.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why sleep is incredibly important for our health, yet many of us are not respecting it
  • What areas of our health become affected by lack of sleep
  • Why we need to be preserving, protecting and prioritizing our sleep as our life depends on it – because it quite literally does!
  • How using yoga to support the nervous system can assist the body in drifting off to sleep
  • Two yoga poses that are great to do prior to sleep to help reduce anxiety, switch off a racing mind, and calm a frazzled nervous system
  • How to use yoga, movement and certain breathing practices to improve alertness and energy


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