HSW 84: Getting Organised in the Kitchen with Ashley Jubinville

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When we work irregular hours, it’s very hard to feel motivated and inspired to whip up some kind of culinary delight when we’re feeling super exhausted!

It’s definitely one of the reasons why we tend to rely on pre-packaged and takeaway foods as super-quick options to “nourish” us when working 24/7.

But what if there was a way to make things easier for us in the kitchen?  To make us LOVE being in our kitchens?!

Well, I may have found a lady who can help you to do just that.

Ashley Jubinville, otherwise known as The Kitchen Coach, is chatting with me in today’s episode on all things to do with getting ourselves organised in the kitchen, which is going to help to reduce some of the stress and overwhelm so many of us feel around cooking from scratch (especially after a string of early or night shifts).


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