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“I hate cooking!”  This is one of the most common phrases that I hear from my clients when it comes to eating well, and taking care of their health.  And I don’t blame them.  It’s really hard to get all pumped up and excited about whipping up some kind of culinary delight in the kitchen, particularly when you’re feeling so exhausted after working a string of early or night shifts!

It’s why I’ve brought on a very special guest today to talk about cooking in bulk, and why doing so helps to makes things way easier for us in the kitchen, along with leading to better health.

Sara Capacci is a mum of two and Founder of The Connection Project and publisher of Cooking con Amore – an online course which teaches people how to cook in bulk from whole food ingredients.  Sara is originally from Italy where she was raised on wholesome, nourishing food, but soon after moving to Australia her health began to decline as she began to eat more highly refined and processed foods.

However a brief conversation with her Grandmother in Italy over Skype a few years later – quite literally changed her life.  As her Grandmother so eloquently stated – “Sara, in order for you to change your life, you have to nourish yourself and it all starts from the simple things.  It all starts from the meal.  It all starts from the good food.  So go back to basics .  Go back to what you’ve learnt with me, and with your mum.  Get organised.  We are not there to help you.  You have to make it.  You have to do this on your own.”

So tune into this heartfelt episode with Sara and learn some of her insights including:

  • Why so many of us are no longer cooking for ourselves, and relying on processed foods
  • The number 1 advice for those who don’t like cooking!
  • 3 tips for being more time savvy in the kitchen and much, much more!

Links mentioned on the podcast:

To watch a demonstration on how to make Sara’s Bolognese Sauce on YouTube Click Here
Sara’s website – The Connection Project
Sara’s email – Sara@theconnectionproject.com.au


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