HSW 31: Self Care and Balneotherapy with Elizabeth Greenwood.

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Healthy Shift Worker Podcast Episode:

Self care is super important for shift workers because our bodies are already biologically stressed as a result of working against our natural circadian rhythms or body clock. That being said, for most people, self-care can be an incredibly hard thing to do, as we often feel guilty of assigning some “me time” to ourselves.

So this week, I invited Naturopath and Aromatherapist Elizabeth Greenwood to talk to us about self-care, including one particular form – that being Balneotherapy.

In this episode, Elizabeth explains why self care is essentially working out what best works for you, as we are all very different, and why it doesn’t have to involve going to a health retreat or undertaking some kind of fancy detox. It can just mean doing something little each day, something that is both practical and sustainable, and that you can integrate into your own shift working lifestyle.

Elizabeth also shares her passion for Balneotherapy, which is a type of water therapy similar to that found in a natural thermal spring, and is great for the mind whilst also allowing us an opportunity to take some well-deserved “time out”, which is vitally important for those who run on little sleep.

To find get in contact with Elizabeth:

Email – embody@me.com

Balneotherapy FB page



  1. Ana

    Lovely to see the Article, Nicely done, Elizbeth as always, Ana x

    • Audra Starkey

      Glad you liked the podcast Ana! It was so nice to have Elizabeth feature on one of the episodes :-).

  2. Shona Churchill

    Thanks Audra and Elizabeth. I really enjoyed your talk on balneotherapy and your helpful tips to make this a pleasurable experience. I will certainly recommend your page to a bunch of nurses I know, who struggle with sleep whilst on shift work!

    • Audra Starkey

      Thanks so much Shona! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the podcast. Nurses are certainly amazing humans as they run on little sleep, and are often under a great deal of stress at the same time. A beautiful foot bath filled with Epsom salts and essential oils would do wonders after a long and tiresome shift. Audra x


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