HSW 19: What Makes a Good Shift Working Supervisor with Chris Slater.

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Working in a shift working environment is really tough, which is why having the support from those above you, is even more important whilst working 24/7. This week Audra chats with one of her past Supervisor’s at Qantas, Chris Slater, whom she hand-picked to be on the podcast as being one of the stand-out Supervisors that she’s had the pleasure of working with over the years. Having had decades of experience working shift work himself, along with a genuine interest in the health and well-being of his staff, this set the foundations for making Chris one of the most highly respected Supervisor’s in her former workplace at Brisbane Airport.

P.S – Ironically Chris dropped out of a Management Degree at Uni as he realized he didn’t want to become one!

  1. Empower your staff
  2. Make sure your staff are well rested an in a good frame of mind
  3. Don’t do it too long!



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