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HSW 120 – Can You Catch A Cold? Untold History & Human Experiments with Daniel Roytas.

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In light of events over the last few years, this podcast has to be the most profound interview I’ve done thus far.

As Daniel Roytas, a former University Lecturer, Nutritionist and Naturopath, challenges the long-held belief that colds and flus can be caught. He discusses the research and experiments that have been done to investigate the transmission of colds and flus, and how they have failed to convincingly demonstrate person-to-person contagion.

Other topics include:

  • Alternative explanations for why people may get sick after being exposed to sick individuals include common environmental exposure, the power of belief, the nocebo effect, and social contagion.
  • The belief in contagion and the fear of getting sick can have a powerful impact on our health and can manifest symptoms similar to those of a cold or flu.
  • Differential diagnosis is important in considering alternative explanations for illnesses and avoiding misdiagnosis based solely on the assumption of contagion.
  • The process of viral isolation and identification in virology is controversial and lacks proper scientific methodology and controls.
  • How viruses were originally considered toxins or poisons, and why symptoms are the body’s healing response to tissue damage.
  • That there is a lack of scientific evidence for contagious transmission of viruses.
  • His newly published book contains over 1000 references highlighting some of the many gaps in scientific knowledge that we currently know today.

I encourage listeners to approach the information with an open mind and do their own research.

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