The Healthy Shift Worker Podcast

When it comes to shift work struggles – there are many!  From chronic fatigue and tiredness to sleep-deprivation, having no energy to exercise, weight fluctuations, a depleted immune system, digestive complaints, nervous system dysregulation and a disrupted family and social life.  It’s certainly not easy working 24/7 and you’re not alone in feeling this way.

In this podcast, Audra speaks with experts on sleep, nutrition, weight management, stress relief and a realm of other topics relevant to shift work health.  Audra also interviews current and former shift workers from an array of different industries and occupations, who are essentially the real experts behind working 24/7.  This fun, informative and engaging podcast will leave you feeling motivated and inspired, and that you’re not alone in feeling like some kind of weird, nocturnal animal stuck in a wheel going round and round in circles.


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