Better Sleep Program for Shift Workers

  • Are you a shift worker struggling to get good quality sleep?
  • Do you find it takes ages for you to fall asleep despite working a gruelling night shift or a string of early shifts?
  • Is this ongoing ‘sleep debt’ impacting on your ability to think clearly and function at work?
  • Has your health been steadily declining since starting shift work?
  • Are you continually gaining weight, and/or unable to shift some incredibly stubborn kilograms?
  • Perhaps your relationships with those around you are being impacted by your disruptive lifestyle too?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, you’re certainly not alone.  Shift work is incredibly tough, and unless you’ve spent years working it yourself, it’s very hard for anyone to appreciate just how hard it is.

It’s exactly why I developed the Better Sleep Intensive Program – Exclusively for Shift Workers, which is a Blueprint for living and sleeping well whilst working 24/7.  In other words, it’s not going to tell you to go to bed at exactly the same time, and get up at exactly the same time each day because as we know – this is entirely unrealistic advice for anyone working 24/7!

To learn more about this program, and/or decide if it’s a good fit for you, then CLICK HERE here to book in your (Free) Better Sleep Strategy Session with me and let’s chat!

Audra x

Please note: Skype and phone consultations are not covered by health funds in Australia, and Audra does not see clients who are under 18 years old.